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Tessa SheppersonThis blog is about inspiring people and helping them create a better life for themselves. It also about using the enormous opportunities which the internet brings.

The internet and my internet business have transformed my life and set me free – it can do the same for you.

Many people today feel despair as the old 20th century systems gradually disintegrate and fall apart. However, it is possible to create your own business and make it work. The internet presents enormous opportunities to those willing to rise up to its challenge.

In this blog I will be looking at ways to do this, and also publishing content which will hopefully help to inspire and motivate you in the difficult task of staying afloat in a hostile world.

My story

In February 1994 I got the idea to start my own business. It took me over and I found myself developing a business plan, buying a computer and applying for a business loan – with no idea whether my business would actually succeed or not.

I had my solicitors qualification, a small mortgaged house, a £1,000 overdraft, a supportive family, my cat and not much else. Oh and one client!

Buying the computer was key to my future in a way I had no idea at the time.

Through reading about computers (in an attempt to learn how to use it) I discovered that there was this thing called the internet where computers talked to each other through telephone lines. I was fascinated!

Nobody knew anything about the internet in 1994 and it is hard sometimes to think back to what it was like then. In a way I have grown up as a business owner with the internet. I have read about it and studied it, and now I have a successful internet business of my own!

My business, Landlord Law, is something which I developed entirely by myself (along with my brilliant web designer Gill Bishop) with no capital other than bank loans. It is what we now know as a membership site and has the magic of recurring income where people pay for content.

It has transformed my life.

I have not got a multi-million pound megabusiness, but I am moderately successful and I find my work deeply fulfilling and exciting. It’s been a struggle sometimes, but what worthwhile thing isn’t?

I am still on my journey and I still have things to learn and things to do. But I also have a lot of knowledge and experience to share.  So I hope you will find the content here useful and will sign up to get future posts (and a free ebook)..

About the site

This is a WordPress blog and I am using Micheal Hyatt’s ‘Get Noticed’ theme.  It’s a complicated theme and I am still getting used to it.  But I like it very much.

I’m also using several of the Thrive plugins to help with signup boxes, headlines and the like.

I like using pictures and I get most of them now from Deposit Photos as I have a special deal I bought through the wonderful App Sumo.  Needless to say, they are adapted with photoshop!

I’ll be writing more about the things that I use on the blog.


If you want to get in touch with me by the way for any reason, tessa @ tessashepperson.com will reach me.

However be warned – if you are writing to sell me SEO services, or anything else of that nature, I probably won’t reply.

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