At last a decent shopping cart page with Samcart

SamcartIf you do internet marketing you probably spend a lot of time on your sales and landing pages, your squeeze pages and your buttons – but what about your shopping cart page?  The page where your customers actually get out their credit card?

Apparently a very high percentage of potential customers click away at the shopping cart stage – possibly put off by the dismal design on the screen.

That’s what the boys at Samcart say anyway.  And they are probably right.

All too often these are standard pay pal payment pages, or maybe e-junkie which just have the bare essentials for buying – and perhaps a coupon field.

BUT – at the time they are pulling out their credit card, it is a good idea to

  • Remind people about your money back guarantee
  • Remind them of the benefits of your service
  • Encourage them with a testimonial
  • Have a picture of your product or your logo, and
  • Have some nice trust logos re-assuring them that they are safe with you …

This is what Samcart does.  It also

  • Allows you to do upsells and
  • Offer a lower initial price on subscriptions –

Something I have wanted to do for ages with my Landlord Law service.

Some other points – you can connect up several payment processors, I have used Stripe and pay pal, and you can set it so you can activate a WordPress membership site when they pay.

It also integrates with Infusionsoft (which I use) by adding a contact record and tag (which can then activate a campaign).  I think it’s pretty impressive.

Then  you can switch off the address fields if you don’t need them – its proven that the fewer fields people have to complete, the more likely they are to buy.

So I have signed up to Samcart and I have to say so far I am very pleased with it.  It’s too soon to say for sure but I have noticed a slightly increased signup rate.  Plus I was able to do a ‘money off’ offer over Easter which allowed me to recoup the cost of the service and more.  Not bad.

So if you sell things online – why not give it a spin?  Check it out here.

(Note that I have signed up as an affiliate for this service so will get a payment if you buy via the links).

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