The seven essential qualities for the moderate internet entrepreneur – 5

Try again give up

Being prepared to abandon lost causes You do your market research. You diligently create the product. And then what happens? Nothing. You do some more marketing. Maybe a few sales? But not much. Not enough to justify the effort. It’s happened to me. It will happen to you. So what do you do? My advice […]

Standard business practice?

dvd playerI bought a cheap DVD player recently but as it did not display properly (images were stretched sideways so people appear short and fat) I put a negative review on Amazon.

I was contacted by a sales operative who asked me if I would remove it if she replaced the player.  A replacement was sent but it still displayed the same – obviously, the fault is inbuilt into the machine – as I told her.

She then said she would refund the payment, pleading with me to remove the negative review saying “I am a single mother, I need to raise my kids. This job is really important to me. It is the end of the month, I have to pass my Work Performance Evaluation of this month to keep my job”  So I agreed.

But what sort of a company is it which holds its sales staff responsible for the poor quality of its rubbish goods?


The seven essential qualities for the moderate internet entrepreneur – 4

Be prepared to ship

Be prepared to ‘ship’ I think it was from Seth Godin that I first read about the critical importance of ‘shipping’. Along with the fatal effect of ‘waiting until it’s perfect’. The myth of perfection Thousands of people have products which are perfectly adequate but which they never do anything with, because they are ‘not […]