The seven essential qualities for the moderate internet entrepreneur – 3

The Ideas personBeing an ‘ideas’ person

We live in a changing world. Innovation is often the lifeblood of a modern business, particularly if that business is an internet business, and particularly if the internet business is selling information products.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to run a successful business long term based on just one idea or product. Many businesses do just that. But there is no doubt that the ability to come up with killer ideas, lots of killer ideas, is a Good Thing in business.

If you are developing your own services and products then having lots of ideas is essential.

Because most of them will fail.

This is a fact. Only a few times will you strike gold. But the more ideas you come up with, the more likely you are to hit the jackpot. And the more ideas you come up with the more ideas you are able to come up with. Train your brain to look for new ideas and it will get better and better at it.

Practice makes perfect

  • To get that award winning photograph you need to take lots of pictures.
  • To compose that chart-topping number 1 hit you will usually have written a lot of average songs.
  • To write that best selling novel you will usually have been writing other stuff for years. So
  • To get that killer business idea you need to have come up with and maybe even developed, lots of duds first.

Not always, but usually.

There is this ‘urban myth’ of immediate success but if you dig a little deeper, you will usually find that ‘one-day wonders’ have actually been working at things for years.

As one entrepreneur nearly said, “it took me ten years trial and error to become an overnight success”.

Sometimes your killer idea will be towards the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, sometimes it will only be after several indifferent ideas or abject failures.

But if you keep trying (and are sensible and realistic about things) you should hit at least a few that work.

Other reasons

Another reason to come up with lots of ideas is that if your product is good people will copy you.

However if you have new things in development, by the time they get their copy of your thing out, you will already be doing something new.

And of course, it’s very useful to have more than one income stream.

The excitement of the idea

Developing new ideas is very exciting and is one of the things I love best in my business.

I am so glad I gave up my original job (as an assistant solicitor) where I would never have been allowed to do it.

If you have the ability to get ideas and think up new ways of doing things – that’s a big asset. Don’t let unimaginative people put you off.

If you find it hard to come up with new ideas – keep trying. You’ll get better at it over time.

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