The seven essential qualities for the moderate internet entrepreneur – 4

Be prepared to ship

Be prepared to ‘ship’

I think it was from Seth Godin that I first read about the critical importance of ‘shipping’. Along with the fatal effect of ‘waiting until it’s perfect’.

The myth of perfection

Thousands of people have products which are perfectly adequate but which they never do anything with, because they are ‘not yet perfect’.

Forget about perfect. Perfection is an impossibility anyway. You can never know for sure how your product will work and how it will be received until you put it out there and try to sell it.

Here’s how it should go

You have an idea and develop it as best you can. Then you launch it and see how it goes. If you are a bit worried about it, put it out as a ‘beta’ product and charge less on the basis that customers will give you feedback.

Then with the benefit of that feedback, work at the product again and make it better and put out version 2 (or just keep upgrading it all the time).

You will end up with a much better product this way than by keeping it in development until it’s ‘perfect’.

Courage again

Of course, the waiting until it’s perfect thing is also to do with courage.

It’s quite scary putting something out on the market that you have created. It’s like your child. If people don’t like it, it can be very upsetting or even devastating.

Much less stressful to keep it in development and just talk about how well it is going to do once it’s reached ‘perfection’.

But you will never make any money that way!

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