The seven essential qualities for the moderate internet entrepreneur – 6

Open to change

Being flexible and open minded

We live in changing times. New procedures and software are being developed all the time.

If you want your business to stay relevant you have to move with the times. Even if your business is a traditional one such as a butchers, or a restaurant, you can do a lot with special apps, online services and getting a mailing list together.

The effect of the internet along with the easier dissemination of knowledge, and the ability for people living far apart to work together, has been to accelerate the rate of development and change.

Lots of exciting things are just around the corner.

One of the big advantages of being a small firm, rather than a big company, is that you can ‘turn on a sixpence’ and respond to things quickly.

For example, when first I learned about blogging, way back in 2006, I managed to get my new ‘Landlord Law Blog’ up and running the very same day. Or maybe it was the day after. But no later.

Whereas in a large company it would have had to pass several committees and might not have seen the light of day at all.

You also need to embrace new technology and not dismiss it out of hand.

I know that lots of people thought I was mad when I set up my first Landlord Law online service in 2001. I can remember one of my Mothers friends (a doctor) being particularly dismissive about it. “Poor Tessa. Of course, the internet is never going to last …”

What she meant is that she didn’t WANT it to last. But of course, it did.

You can’t prevent the march of progress. All you can do is join in, or ignore it. But you ignore it at your peril.

Remember Kodak anyone?

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