The super-rich and the £53,000 pa fashion advisor we are all paying for

Samantha CameronI tend to be fairly relaxed about people having more money than me.  I don’t particularly want to take it away from them – particularly if they have earned it (like JK Rowling for example).  In fact I am all for artistic people keeping their earnings rather than having it siphoned off by the ‘suits’.

However, I do think things should be fair.  Rich people should pay tax like the rest of us and not have expensive perks at the expense of the tax payer.

The Panama Papers  have shone a light into the world of the super rich and it seems that many of them are able, and expect, to be able to keep their money without paying any tax.

One of the victims of the Panama Papers is David Cameron.  I actually feel a tiny bit sorry for him (not much, just a tiny bit),  as after all he is not responsible for what his Dad did (set up a company in the Bahamas which paid no UK tax) and he did sell off all his holdings when he became PM in 2010.  Which is more than any of the other people cited in connection with the Panama Papers so far have done.  There is also the possibility that someone who has some experience in offshore tax dealings may be better placed to clean it up – as they know more about it.

However, I do rather take exception to the revelation in the Independent that his wife Samantha has a fashion advisor (called Rosie) to help her with her with social diary and fashion style – at a cost to the tax payer of some £53,000 pa.

I don’t object to her having a fashion adviser per se, you understand, I just think she ought to pay for it herself.  She is after all not short of a bob or two.

Or is this something else that the super rich are entitled to because they are rich?

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