How to use Infusionsoft to manage your Conference mailings

The Conference Mailings Campaign with InfusionsoftA few days ago we had our annual Landlord Law Conference, which this year took place at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester.

It was a big undertaking for a small team of two people – one of them me and the other my part-time assistant.  It would be impossible without automation.  In particular Infusionsoft.

Here’s how it works.


A large percentage of our conference bookings come from our mailings.  We have quite a large mailing list of customers, and people who have signed up to receive our mailings and/or one of our free courses.

These get regular mailings about the Conference inviting them to book a place.  These all get sent out via the Infusionsoft ‘broadcast’ mailing system.

Post purchase

There are three main ways people can get conference places:

  1. Most people book and pay online via our online shopping cart system
  2. Some companies prefer to have us invoice them and then pay by BACS or cheque
  3. Other delegates have their place booked for them by someone else – typically their employer

Once their place is paid for they get added to the Infusionsoft Conference campaign.  This works as follows:

The Conference Campaign

Delegates can be added to the campaign by tag or by adding them directly to the relevant sequence.

The first sequence has a confirmation email.  There are several of them depending on whether they fit into 1, 2 or three above, plus we may have extra ones for if they have taken advantage of a special offer.  So for example, if their place has been paid for by someone else, they get an email confirming that their place has been booked for them.

This first email also asks them to let us know if they have any special diet requirements and gives them a link to the Conference Information page.

These sequences then all go into the main conference mailing sequence -which is the one in the picture.   This is an adaptation of an ‘events’ sequence which is provided by Infusionsoft and which Infusionsoft users can download from the marketplace.

The main conference mailings sequence

As you can see, these first of all add two tags.  One of these is the ‘conference delegate’ tag for the relevant conference.  The other is a ‘customer’ tag.

There is then a timer set for one week before the Conference date.  It’s a good idea to do a one-week warning as some people may have booked a long time in advance and need warning that the Conference is almost upon us.

This email also gives any notices about the conference and reminds them to let us know if they have any special diet requirements.

There is then a timer for the day before the Conference.  This has information about how to get to the conference venue (and where in the venue they need to go once they have arrived), parking and time of arrival.  Or rather it has a link to the Conference information page which contains all these things.

The benefits the mailing system

The conference mailings are really important.  It means that everybody gets notified about the essential things they need to know, in particular about getting to the conference and parking.

It also makes us look efficient!  All thanks to Infusionsoft.

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